Why Offgrid Humanitarianism?

Human Dignity

Charity can be a double edged sword. There is helplessness in being helped. But moving offgrid empowers people from both “developed” and “developing” countries. The UK was shown to be vulnerable during the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010 when food stopped arriving on supermarket shelves. Taking back our non-renewable resource – time – and regaining control of our lives gives us back dignity wherever we live. We want to work with those who need it the most by providing solutions we’d be proud to adopt ourselves. In many richer countries we are not allowed to!

Profit for Projects

Profits from sale of our products, podcast sponsorship, affiliate links and donations all go to funding our offgrid humanitarian projects. See the blog for latest news.

What we do

Below are the ways we can help. If you have a project and are interested in partnering then do get in touch!

  • Building

    Sustainable structures

    In partnering with Earthship Biotecture we are ready to build Earthships in the parts of the world that they are needed most.

    Visit the Earthship website
  • Partnerships

    Help us to help you

    We support projects that are already making a difference and are ready to step up to another level.

    Partner my project
  • Exposure

    Put your project on the map

    The radical nature of Earthship designs attracts a lot of attention from media outlets, local government and related organisations.

Meet the Team

We’re a small full time team of two. But please get in touch if you feel you can contribute. We’re looking for a social communicator, fundraiser and accountant.

  • Patrick Lunt

    Patrick Lunt


    Project manager, builder, organiser, activist, storyteller, communicator and musician.

  • Chiara Ghidini

    Chiara Ghidini

    Commercial Director

    Chiara is above all a …

Our Partners

All our projects are partnerships. The organisations and companies below are made up of financial and strategic partners in the field.